The African labour pool outside Africa is now a significant target for companies seeking to recruit African nationals into their African businesses. The African Diaspora from which companies can potentially recruit includes African nationals working or studying in UK, Continental Europe, USA and other developed economies.

Recruiting African graduates and professional staff from outside the continent to work in Africa involves a great deal of executive time, effort and cost and few companies can afford to get it wrong. While most Africans recruited may have been educated in Africa, many will have limited or no experience of working in Africa.

Securing your investment and managing the expectations of your new hires through prior preparation makes sense.

‘Returning to Work in Africa’ is a practical programme tailored to your company’s policies and procedures. Delivered as a one-day workshop, it supports your company’s induction process by preparing new recruits for returning to their home country and taking up employment after a period of absence.  The programme will offer your new recruits:


Tools and strategies for managing cultural change and re-integrating into African working life and society


A clear understanding of opportunities for career development within your company 


Practical advice on working and living in Africa


Insights into coping with resistance or hostility and building effective work relationships








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Returning to Work in Africa