Are you seeking entry to or developing business in Africa? Do you intend to relocate Managers or employees to work in Africa?

With the scope for business growth in western developed markets decreasing, the emerging markets are proving the key to increased profits, market share and growth. Many African countries now offer considerable returns on investment, making the continent an increasingly attractive market for foreign investment.

What works at home doesn't necessarily work abroad, and operating in emerging markets such as Africa can be tricky. Failed assignments are costly and are often the result of insufficient preparation and understanding of these new markets. Finding the right approach to doing business in these markets is essential, especially when the employees involved lack familiarity of these countries and cultures. 

We can work with you to prepare your staff to be successful in Africa and to send the right message about your company.

For employees earmarked for business travel, secondment or relocation to Africa, we can provide tailored one-to-one or group programmes that will:


Provide a country briefing, highlighting cultural, political and social issues


Provide information on doing business successfully in Africa


Offer your executives insights into managing cultural change through improved intercultural communication


Provide practical advice on making the transition to living in Africa


Address the concerns of accompanying spouses and/or families









We can work with your staff to help them increase their business success and improve their intercultural competencies, making them more aware of potential pitfalls while working away from home and helping to ensure a smooth transition to their new location.

This will leave them better equipped to communicate effectively with African clients and colleagues, build more effective relationships and increase the company's cross border profitability.

Contact us for further information on these programmes.

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"Doing Business in Africa" Briefings