For national and international companies who aim to demonstrate good citizenship as part of their mission to be an employer of choice, we offer solutions that are both innovative and sustainable.

The impact of HIV/AIDS and the professional brain drain from Africa, combined with the low levels of literacy across the continent, has resulted in an acute shortage of the skills needed for economic and social development and to create better resourced and managed supply chain partners and a sustainable market for both large and small companies. 

We will work with your management to develop and deliver CSR programmes that are aligned to your business and that reflect the concerns and interests of your key stake-holders.

Our programmes include:


 Workshops addressing CSR and Corporate Risk in the workplace


Community Development and Community Relations projects in Africa aligned to individual corporate interests and stakeholders


Sponsored Capacity Building programmes tailored to Corporate Responsibility strategies


Executive Development projects in Africa to build inter-cultural Management Skills and Competencies


“Corporate citizenship concerns investment in communities….wherever we operate. Our business is a continuing activity, not just for today but for years to come (and we) have a direct, long-term interest in their successful development.”
Sir John Brown, Group Chief Executive, BP plc

While businesses are ultimately required to create profits, the measurement of that profit is not simply financial but also in its social, environmental and ethical impact.

CSR Programmes and Training