Why the need for Interims for Development in Africa?

In recent years there has been a steady exodus of trained professionals leaving Africa for developed countries as a result, in some instances, of aggressive recruitment efforts on the part of some Western countries. The resultant flow of skills and talent out of Africa in conjunction with the devastating effects of HIV/AIDS on Africa's professional base is severely testing the continent's efforts to build capacity for its own development.

Key to the objectives of African governments is the need to generate employment and to reduce poverty by accelerating growth and implementing poverty-reducing measures. However, most African governments are still heavily dependent on the investment of funds, expertise and technology to further develop and sustain the economies of its countries.

To be truly effective, external aid must be directed towards supporting African countries to transform their own economies. To this end, the need for focused skills transfer for capacity building is critical.

Why should this programme attract companies in Africa?

There are many benefits to companies in Africa that participate in this programme. These include in-house training for your staff using modern business techniques and international best practice, international networking for your business, and raising your profile as a progressive and development-focused company with the ability thereby to attract and retain high quality staff.

Participation in the programme makes good business sense. It represents a long-term investment in your company's future development.

This programme will increase your company's awareness of the technical challenges facing you in your business - whether local or international - while developing your staff to meet the aspirations of your business.