How will an Interim Manager help your business?

At some stage most senior executives have employed or considered employing an expert or consultant to advise them on a particular aspect of their business or to train their staff.

Even if your business is ‘going well’ you cannot underestimate the value of other people’s experience, and there are numerous benefits that short-term external support can offer your company.

    How can African companies with limited access to funds participate in the Programme?

    Companies who are interested in the programme should contact us.

    We also encourage private companies, professional associations and concerned individuals to sponsor Interims on behalf of African companies who may otherwise be unable to meet the cost of participating.

    In partnership with progressive and socially responsible partners who assist through sponsorship, funding and donations in kind, we are committed to making a difference - one assignment at a time.

    Short-term external expertise will assist a smaller company to move forward, while the larger and more established company can leverage such assistance to move them onto the next level of business.

    Using external resources can make a real impact. Projects undertaken by Interims can help to reduce production costs and waste, review financial systems, assist with training in new technologies or equipment, support the development of new financial products and improve the quality of processes.

    Specifically, Interims can be used:

    • To manage a project for which in-house resources are not available
    • To undertake a sensitive project requiring a detached perspective and no question of bias
    • To manage a project with a significant impact on your company's organisational structure and/or existing staff members
    • To undertake a project of an extremely confidential and sensitive nature
    • To lend weight and/or credibility to management plans or decisions
    • To develop and deliver in-house training programmes

    The Interims on the programme are assessed for their ability to teach or train and to communicate effectively as well as for their technical and commercial skills. We deploy experienced professionals who can work independently and help you influence your staff in a positive, informal and collegiate spirit. Whether your company requires particular language or technical skills, our aim is to identify an appropriate Interim to meet your needs.