Ghana , traditionally a country that invites participation by outsiders, has long held the reputation of being the friendliest country inghanaafrica02 Africa.

Ghana Today
In January 2001 the first democratic change of government since 1957 took place peacefully and the country is now operating a fourth republican constitution. However, to move forward in its development Ghana needs suitable inward investment, expertise and development funding.

Ghana is burdened with huge economic problems and despite some of the richest mineral deposits and other foreign exchange earning resources, the majority of the Ghanaian population still lives in poverty. The cycle of aid dependency has not succeeded in raising the standard of living in the country and despite its efforts to spread economic growth to other areas of the economy, Ghana National Theatre 102remains heavily dependent on its key export commodities of cocoa, gold, timber, bauxite and aluminium. 

Industry centres on mining, lumbering, light manufacturing and aluminium and food processing. While growth and entrepreneurial activity in the Finance, Service, Retail and Tourism sectors have made contributions to the development of the economy, further investment of funds, experghana02tise and technology is needed to further develop and sustain these sectors. 

Interims in Ghana
In recent years there has been a steady exodus of trained professionals leaving Ghana. This flow of skills and talent out of the country is severely testing Ghana’s efforts to build capacity for its own development.

While the economic outlook for Ghana appears to be brightening, the current state of Ghanaian industries and public institutions is such that the need for focused skills transfer for capacity building to raise productivity within the country is critical.

Interims for Development works in partnership with Ghanaian industry and institutions in developing and delivering sustainable Human Resources, employment and capacity building solutions relevant to the country’s culture and business needs.

Interims for Development in Ghana